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Ali Zeinodini

I have been focused on WordPress for more than 7 years. Investigating ways to develop online businesses based on WordPress (WooCommerce) has made me interested in developing the solutions needed by these businesses and gain experience in this way.

I am really interested in creating. The most enjoyable thing for me is to look at something I have created and be fascinated by it!
Programming is the best tool to create my small and big ideas, and for this I only need a system and the Internet! And that is why I can work for several hours continuously.
Keeping up with the rapid development of technology and trying to stay on the edge of technology in the programming branch and the front end is one of my daily routines.

After a few years of doing web development and gaining experience in the ecosystem of startups and online businesses, my perspective on the “thirst to create” has changed dramatically. Businesses are more attractive and lasting creatures than a product, and in fact, programming is a tool to create a business cycle. The cycle in which the product or service creates added value!
I have personal interests in studying and learning about business in my daily life.

Experiences Timeline

Blanfo Studio

  • Founder + Project Manager


  • Senior WordPress Developer

Tehran Province, Iran [On-site]


  • Frontend Developer

Newark, Delaware [Remote]

Ideation and development of a product such as Linktree based on WordPress and handling more than 200 support tickets regarding real estate websites.

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Blanfo Studio

  • Founder + WordPress Developer

Trying to provide solutions to convert several physical businesses into online businesses and help provide services through the website and social media.

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Shillin Taak

  • Web Designer

Cooperation with fellow academics and friends in the scientific community  of software-engineering for the design and develop systems used in the administrative processes of the university in the form of a knowledge-based company.


  • WordPress Web Designer

More than 20 websites were created during these 3 years with different themes and plugins on WordPress CMS.

Educations Timeline

BA. Software Engineering

  • Malayer University

MSc. Entrepreneurship

  • Iran University of Science and Technology


More about myself, activities and favorite fields

Online Bussineses

The challenges related to the path of creating a business and turning its wheel are really attractive to me. Studying the ways and challenges of the entrepreneurial path has made communication and cooperation with small businesses (SME) and helping them more attractive to me than anything else.

Web Development

I have been developing WordPress professionally for about 8 years. Focused on front-end stacks related to WordPress. Both the development of the theme and the development of various plugins

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    Realtina was an international and important experience for me. A fully professional company that provides various solutions based on WordPress in the real estate industry. The services of this company are for the whole world, but they are mostly focused on the countries of America and Canada.

    In the front-end department, I was mostly involved in supporting clients’ sites, but due to my interest in development and ideation, I was able to prepare and publish a product called Social Impact based on the needs of clients in social networks.

    A plugin with the same functionality as what we see in Linktree, but based on WordPress and the ability to coordinate with Realtyna’s central plugin called WPL. The main use of this plugin is to use several links with the aim of promoting different listings with the strategic goals of an agent or broker in different social media (especially Instagram).

    According to the company’s decision, the implementation of this plugin was entirely my responsibility, and my main challenge in implementing this plugin was mostly in the discussion of planning to implement the features in its different versions.

    I suggest you visit its introduction page to learn more about this plugin.

    In Blanfo, I tried to help online businesses based on WordPress in the form of developing various plugins and code customizations.
    So far, some exclusive plugins have been produced in Blanfo, and we published one product publicly on the Zhaket marketplace.

    WIM is a solution for organizing and managing the warehouse of WooCommerce-based online shops.
    We have considered two approaches in the development of this plugin:

    1- Development of WooCommerce interaction with products in a physical way and better organization of this communication.
    2- Developing and improving the organization of relations with warehouse product suppliers.

    For more information, I suggest you see this product’s page on the jacket website: