Personal Branding in Workplace with PIE

We realized the importance of personal branding and the skills of founding a personal brand in previous articles. A personal brand can be created for everyone at any level of activity. The workplace is the most practical place where personal branding can be effective. Achieving the desired job position, promoting rank in the workplace, creating stability, and gaining trust. These are the results of having a personal brand in the workplace, where a personal brand can be more closely with making money!


برندسازی شخصی در محل کار


PIE model is a personal branding method that has more applications for branding in people’s workplace. According to this model, to achieve the desired level of credibility in the current work environment, you must strike a balance between several different factors. This model was first introduced in the book “Empowering Yourself: The Organizational Game Revealed” by Harvey Coleman, in which Harvey summarized his career success in this model.

The word PIE is derived from the initials of the three words Performance, Image, and Exposure. If there is a balance between them in the workplace, your personal brand will grow to the desired level.


Your performance in the workplace (Performance):

Your performance and the work you do in the workplace should be seen. Your other co-workers need to feel your role in what you do. Your activity in the team or group you are in must be seen so that you can prove yourself in the eyes of your managers and other colleagues. This dimension is the basis of the next dimensions introduced in this model. Without outstanding and thoughtful performance in the workplace, you cannot create a good understanding and image in the eyes of your other colleagues, and naturally you cannot attract the opinion of high-ranking people in the workplace.


Perception and image created of you in the workplace (Image):

The performance builds a better understanding of your personality in the workplace or outside of it. The image that is formed of you in the minds of your other colleagues can be very effective in gaining their trust.

With proper performance, you should be able to create an image of yourself in the mind of the manager that shows that you have the most responsibility and efficiency in doing things related to yourself in the workplace. In this case, the manager or colleague can count on your skills and abilities at higher job levels.


Exposure of your activity in the workplace (Exposure):

Continuing an effective performance in the workplace is seeing your activity. In a group or team activity, you have to play an effective and prominent role. Teamwork is like the performance of a system, which in the event of poor performance of one component compromises the performance of the entire system. If your role in the performance of the work team is not seen, other colleagues and managers can be suspicious of your activity by reducing their trust in you.


Many people consider the dimensions introduced in this article by default in their minds and try to balance them. There may be no need to introduce them, but their role in forming a balanced personal brand in the workplace can be very effective. Your managers must be able to trust your skills and abilities in order to qualify for the promotion, and they must have a good understanding of your performance in the workplace. This is a personal brand that can have a huge impact on our lives, but we may not take it too seriously.
I must remind you that every personal brand is a living thing that is created by the individual and must be constantly nourished and grown like the individual himself in order to reach maturity. Just as we invest in the growth and excellence of our children and care about them, so we must invest in the growth of the brand.

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