Why should a resume always be up to date?

A resume is a summary of your professional statement. Your resume includes interests, work, educational background, and other things you need to get a job. Many people think that a resume is just a work experience that creates jobs for them, but this is not the case. Your resume should contain information that the employer of the job you need will be affected by in a matter of seconds and make sure that you were born for that job.

Even if you are not applying for a new job, having a resume can make you more stable and secure in your current job position. Having a good resume can make you more prominent for career advancement in your workplace, and a resume can make your expertise in your area of interest more valuable.

So, a resume is not the only sheet that contains your work history. Resumes can be much more valuable than that.

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Why should a resume always be up to date?

The resume of a professional should always be up to date. This may take up to half an hour a month, but it can make you proud in situations where you need a resume immediately.

There are several reasons why you should always try to keep your resume up to date:

1- An updated resume shows your importance to your expertise and interest in your field of activity.

2- An updated resume makes your employers care more about you. Because having a resume means you are ready to move to a new job at any time.

3- Keeping your resume up to date will make you announce your readiness to the employer to be promoted to a higher job position.


How can a resume be more effective?

Keeping your resume up to date can be one of the factors in establishing, securing, and guiding your job expertise. But apart from these, the importance of how to present your resume can not be denied.

The presentation method can be in paper and PDF format, which is the general method for presenting a resume. A better and more effective way is to submit your resume on LinkedIn as a job-specific network. Many employers search on LinkedIn to find the person they need. LinkedIn’s goal is to create a community of people who have communications together with a business vision. In addition to being a good platform for presenting your resume, LinkedIn can also be the right place to grow your personal brand, which we talked about in previous articles.
A better way to present and impress your employers is to have a personal website. A personal website can make your resume more dynamic, and constantly updating it can show you more specialized.

We have already talked about the importance of working on social media and personal websites to achieve a better level of personal branding. For employers looking for the right person for the job position, having a personal website can impress them more than other candidates. Having a good resume on LinkedIn can be very effective, but these days almost all the professionals who work on LinkedIn have made their resume, and having a resume in it seems very common. Having a personal website and presenting a resume on it can make you stand out from other people.

Another point is that there are many ways to present information such as textual, audio, video, etc. There are restrictions on submitting resumes on LinkedIn in terms of the type of information, you can only publish your resume information in the way that this social network allows. This means that everyone’s resume on LinkedIn will be the same in style. There are no restrictions on having a personal website to present a digital resume. Depending on the type of information and creativity you have in this field, you can publish your resume in many ways that exist in this field and make sure that employers will be more affected by your resume.

Always keep your resume up to date and try to present the information in the way that is most effective for the person in charge of manpower. This will greatly enhance your personal brand.


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