Why should we have a copy of our elevator pitch ready?

Providing an elevator is the 30-second introduction of ourselves that almost everyone needs. The word is rooted in the story that a person who could not meet an investor decided to gain the investor’s trust by accompanying him in the elevator and offering his offer from the 1st to the 15th floor. It took between 30 and one minutes to get from the 1st to the 15th floor. So, he had to make a plan to use each of these seconds. The main purpose of this presentation was to convince the investor to get a more detailed appointment. From then on, the ‘elevator pitch’ term was used for presentations that had little time.

Providing elevators is used in many cases such as job exhibitions, online or offline resumes, networking events or job interviews, etc. What is very important in these presentations is that time, our abilities and skills are introduced in a very short in such a way that the audience is convinced to do our request.

In this presentation, we should try to share our abilities and skills with the audience briefly and without exaggeration, and talk about our goals and interests. Have a positive and flexible tone and be sure to bring your business card to meet again.

If we want to create a clear framework for this topic, a good elevator pitch can have four parts from beginning to end:

Part I – Introducing ourselves: In this part, we have to introduce ourselves briefly. If we have a resume to present or specific skills in our field, we should pass it on to the audience.

Part II – Expressing Goals: Talk about our interests and goals about the request we want to make and try to make the audience aware of our concerns.

Part III – Making a request: Express our request to the listener and say why the request is important to us.

Section IV – CTA: By providing communication channels such as a business card or email address, we open the way for reconnection so we can follow up on our request again.

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Example of a good and acceptable elevator pitch:

Hi, I’m Sarah. I have spent the past eight years learning and developing my skills as a social media strategy planner. I have developed and optimized strategic media programs for my client and managed a subset of planners as a team leader. One of my most honorable achievements was a great support project that recognized as a top campaign last year. I have been interested in moving to non-profit campaigns and love what your company does in different organizations. Would you like to work with me on any media planning you may have on the team?


It is not necessary to use elevator pitches in the form of face-to-face and expressive presentations. Including this presentation in your resume, the importance of which we explained in previous articles, can be more rewarding for you than a simple presentation. Also, placing elevator pitches on online platforms, especially personal websites, can help your audience gain more knowledge and trust by finding you, and could help them connect with you to start a new partnership.

If you need a better elevator presentation, I suggest you be creative in how you present it. You can use the textual elevator pitch in your social media, LinkedIn portfolio or etc, but what makes it more effective is to present it in more engaging ways, such as video presentations. This fact could make better communications with the audience because they get your information with your voice and emotions and feels better. This type of elevator pitch can bring you closer to the opportunities you are interested in.

An elevator pitch can bring you closer to the opportunities you are looking for. Use them correctly and on time.

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