Relation of Market Share and Content Production of A Business

For small and medium-sized businesses, I have always mentioned that just starting is enough. Starting a business with the least facilities and even the poorest quality of content production is one of the first principles of a business. After a relative growth, the quality of content production should be a priority.


The market share of a business is determined by the quality of its content production.


But in such cases, where a business intends to compete for market share, there are two strategies:

1- Start the business from the zero points and go all the way and reach the strongest competitor to get the largest possible market share. (Starting from zero to reaching point 100 step by step)

2- Starting a business with capital and competing with competitors with the largest market share; instead of competing with all competitors from scratch, we start competing with the biggest competitor in the market from the very beginning, and with the correct investment, we replace competition with other competitors at a cost. (Starting with an initial capital)


Content based businesses

Many online businesses today are content-dependent. Businesses grow and mature by feeding on high-quality content. The higher the quality of the content, the better the speed of business growth and, as a result, the greater the market share and success awaits the business.

If your website needs to be ranked higher in Google results, you need to be concerned about producing high-quality content. If your business needs to grow faster on social media, you need to be more concerned about high-quality content production.

It does not matter what kind of content you produce, text, video, info-graphic, etc. It is important to be concerned with content production in the business.

High-quality content production concern means deeply wanting other people to know the details of your business and, like you, to be aware of everything that is happening in your business.


Why is the quality of content production important?

I have to emphasize that “the market share of businesses and their superiority is determined by the quality of their content production.” In small and medium-sized businesses that cannot compete with the top market share, their competition will be for better content production.

The quality of content production makes you gain more credibility in the minds of the audience and also makes it easier for the audience to become a customer for you. You will enter the audience’s mind with the content you produce and you will establish yourself in their minds by continuing to produce content. You need to create quality content to engage the brand in the minds of the audience so that it can be trusted faster.

اهمیت کیفیت تولید محتوا در کسب و کارها


How to produce better quality content?

1- High-quality content is really useful.

The content that is produced should be attractive and useful for the audience. Keep in mind that one of the main tasks of good content is to attract the audience, which should ultimately be able to turn an audience into a customer.  Therefore, the content should be arranged and produced in a way that applies to the audience’s concerns.

2- The information of good content is completely correct and accurate.

The information, statistics, and figures we mention in the content must be completely accurate and valid. After consuming the content, the audience analyzes and examines the information contained in the content, and if the information contained in the content is not correct, the audience’s trust will be completely lost.

3- Good content is short and useful.

The task of content is to convey information from our business to the audience. For this transfer, we must choose the shortest and most useful way. Excessive content can distract the audience from getting the main information.

4- Selecting the type of content appropriate to the audience

Depending on what audience you have in your business and what platform you focus on in your business, you need to choose the type of content you produce. Your content should be published where your business audience is most likely to be present. This platform can be a variety of social media or your website.


Given the importance of content production in business, we need to engage audiences in such a way that our business brand is engraved in their minds. By repeating this action in the audience, their trust in the business will be gained more. The probability that each audience will become our customers in the business will be higher.

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