What is the best platform to grow a personal brand?

In the previous article, we talked about the importance of having a personal brand and what the value of having a good brand for ourselves will bring to us. In this article, we try to examine the growth context of a personal brand and see if social networks are suitable for building a personal brand or having a website.

رشد و سرمایه گذاری در برند شخصی

Social networks or websites?

Many people are active in different social networks and try to look at these media from a commercial point of view instead of entertainment. To know if building a personal brand happens better on social media or a website, we need to look at the structure of both.

There are a lot of people on social media, and many of them just look at these networks from an entertainment perspective, so social media can be a suitable platform to introduce a lot of people to your brand. In contrast, people usually get to know our website through search engines. They purposefully enter a website to get the answer to their question. So a website may not be a suitable platform to promote your brand widely, but the person who enters your site is more purposeful than the people who get to know the brand through social media. This means that people on your site have more potential for profitability for you.

To better compare each, explain the benefits of each:

On social networks:

1- Social networks are available to everyone, so there are more users in them.

2- There are better analysis and marketing tools in social networks (such as Instagram) and this is more suitable for people who do not deal with complex tools.

3- Due to the more activity of users in it, people’s interaction with our brand will happen better through likes, comments, and shares.

On the website:

1- The stability and security of the website against social networks are much higher.

2- It is possible to expand and change according to the type of brand goals.

3- Demonstrating expertise and ability in it happen better.

4- Depending on the purposefulness of its audience, gaining trust is done better and faster.

5- It can categorize and classify information.

6- In contrast to the life cycle of social networks, it seems more stable and secure.


Given the comparison, having a good website and social network can be a great way to have a more stable and secure personal brand. Social networks are the platform for introducing the audience to the brand and directing them to the main platform, and the website is a comprehensive and sustainable platform for brand growth.

If your goal of personal brand growth is to achieve career advancement and higher income levels, having a personal website can make you stand out among many. Having a personal website as a digital resume, in addition to being much easier to modify and develop than PDF resumes, can be much more effective in providing your capabilities and expertise to the audience.

Nowadays, human resources managers of companies, to identify suitable people with the required positions in their company, search in Google for more information about the applicant. Having a personal website for the applicant can have a great impact on attracting that person.

A personal website, apart from being a digital resume, has many other features and benefits. Publishing an article in your field of expertise on the website and learning SEO rules can be a factor in your success. According to the available statistics, 3.8 billion searches occur every day in the Google search engine, and this means that many of us people search in Google to get the answers to our questions in the first step. If all the content on your website is optimized and has the right answers for people who have questions in your field, your brand can look much more credible than before, and this means that you can be several steps ahead of competitors in your field.

Therefore, having a personal website and its continuous development over the years is a necessity for people who are thinking of developing their brand and can be a special credit for their brand.

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